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What are the very basic things which the organisations need to know about the man in the middle attacks?

Man in the middle attack is considered to be the type of cyber attack in the organisations in which the attacker will be positioning himself or herself between the two users to overhear their conversation. The very basic goal over here is to indulge in the interruption of data transfer and the most common type of attack in which the attacker will be intercepting the communication and message exchanges is known as the man in the middle attack or MiTM attack. Every time the user will be directing with the server or website the session ID will be created in the attacker through the right kind of made in the middle attack will be secretly capturing that particular session ID to eavesdrop or manipulate the content to ultimately steal the data in the form of login credentials, financial data or any other kind of personal information.

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What is the very basic concept behind the happening of all these kinds of attacks?



Man of the middle attack will be following a straightforward approach in which the attacker will be obtaining access to the conversation and will be beginning the eavesdropping systems. In this, the attacker will be becoming the man in the middle to intercept any kind of messages which are shared between two parties. In this particular matter, the attacker will be either stealing the data or will be altering the messages to gain control over the conversation and perform any kind of financial transaction throughout the process. It can be categorised into two main options which are:

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Network traffic interception which will be known as the type that will be observed within there will be free Wi-Fi. In this particular case, somebody who will be connecting to the system at the Wi-Fi provider can steal the data in the background very efficiently.

Mobile application network security is another very modern system that will be coming in the form of a debate between HTTPS and HTTP. In this particular manner, it is very much important for the organisations to make sure that there is no chance of configuration and incorrect leading systems to the security loopholes.



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Man in the middle attack into the mobile application will be considered as a common occurrence in the whole process in which the incorrect certificate validation will be dealt with very easily and everybody will be able to deal with the unsecured protocols in the whole process. Certificate meaning will be helpful in terms of establishing the robust authentication by linking the application certificate to the destination whose name so that these guys of controls can be dealt with very easily and there is no chance of any kind of illegitimate accessibility to the personal information, financial data, location, messages, conversations and so on. Different types of men in the middle of MiTM attacks have been explained as follows:

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  • Email hijacking: In this particular case the attacker will be getting the accessibility to the communication between the target institution as well as the victims and special attention will be given to the attacker in terms of transactions that will be happening between two bodies. From here the attacker can very easily spoof one or two parties to send specific instructions in the whole process and will be able to perform different kinds of fraudulent transactions very easily.
  • Session hijacking: This concept will be occurring through the cross-site scripting or XSS attack in which the stealing of the session browser cookies will be carried out very easily and attackers might be watching and stealing the session cookie when the session will be on. In this particular system, the attacker can go with the option of transferring all the money from the account to his account very easily.
  • Wi-Fi eavesdropping: In this particular system the attacker will be setting up the legitimate sounding Wi-Fi connection which will be similar to the public Wi-Fi connections and will not require any kind of password. Users will be easily attracted with the help of this particular concept which will further make sure that there will be no chance of any kind of a hassle but once they are connected to the malicious network the attacker will be able to access the activities performed by the victim very easily throughout the process.
  • Internet protocol spoofing: In this particular case the attacker will be altering the packet headers into the IP address very easily and if the user will be attempting to access the legitimate e-commerce website the header will be manipulated and will allow the people to redirect a fake similar-looking system. Whenever the transaction will be initiated funds will be transferred to some other accounts very efficiently.
  • DNS spoofing: In this particular system the altering of the website will be carried out very well so that they will be able to record the address and match the systems on their own very efficiently. If the user is trying to access the legitimate website in the DNS spoofing system then the user will be redirected to the fake address through the altered DNS record. If now the victim will be sending any kind of sensitive information then they will be routed to the attacker throughout the process very easily.
  • SSL hijacking: Secure socket layer will be establishing the secure connection between two devices and through the SSL hijacking the communication between systems will be encrypted and attackers will be accessing the information and bees using it throughout the process very easily.
  • ARP spoofing: ARP stands for address resolution protocol which will be helping out the translation of machine addressing system to the local IP address and in this particular whether the attacker will be linking the machine address to the other systems with the help of fake messages. Any data that has been sent by the user will be transmitted to the attacker so that there is no chance of any kind of loss of trust and they easily become victims.
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Hence, depending on the right kind of experts from the house of Appsealing is the perfect or dealing with the Man in the middle attacks very successfully without any kind of doubt.

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