June 11


Places to See in NYC: 7 Surprising Spots

There are some cities that will always have our hearts. And one of those places is most definitely New York City. With so much to see, do, eat and explore you could go back to New York City a hundred different times and have a hundred different experiences.


What makes this city so special is that it is actually not that big in terms of size. But yet the culture and vibrancy are so compact that no other city on the planet quite compares to it.


There are of course the iconic spots in New York that everyone should visit at least once. This includes walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, watching the sunset on top of the Empire State Building, being mesmerized by Times Square, watching a Broadway Show, and eating some of the best food in your whole life in Greenwich Village.

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But there is so much more to New York City than just the popular tourist attractions. In fact, there are some rather surprising spots you may have never even heard of yet!


The surprising spots of New York City are some of the most exciting and often have way fewer tourists too. So the next time you head to this fabulous city, book the best luggage storage in New York and check out these surprising spots that will make you fall in love with this place even more.


1. The Whispering Arch

While many people go to Grand Central Station to have their own Gossip Girl moment, not everyone makes it down to the lower concourse, which is where one of the best-kept secrets lies. There is a whispering arch that literally carries sound secretly from one end to the other. So you can simply speak at normal volume on one side and the person on the other side will hear you loud and clear thanks to the great design of the arch.

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In fact, it makes for a pretty epic proposal spot!


2. Find the Berlin Wall

After the Berlin Wall came down at the end of the last century, pieces of it got scattered all throughout the world. But one large piece of it is standing strong and proud in New York City. Located on 520 Madison Avenue, you can be transported to Berlin and admire what is now both a significant piece of history and art.


But this is not the only piece of the Berlin Wall in New York City. In fact, there are five different pieces scattered all throughout the city and you can make a whole day of it finding them all yourself.

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3. Walk Through a Waterfall Tunnel

Only in New York City is there an actual waterfall tunnel you can walk through. This phenomenal piece of architecture is part of the McGraw-Hill building near Times Square. You can stand under the tunnel that is made entirely of glass and watch as the waterfall streams down above you. Do not worry though, the glass covering is totally secure and you won’t get wet at all!


4. Discover Abandoned Subway Stations

While there are still plenty of subway stations running throughout New York City, there are some abandoned ones that make for some great historical sites now. The best one to go find is called Old City Hall Subway Station. Some may say it is actually the prettiest subway station in all of New York, thanks to its stunning stained glass windows and arches. While it shut down operationally in the 20th Century, it now serves as an important time capsule for what New York used to be like.

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5. Check Out An Abandoned Hospital

While there are pretty much only now skyscrapers and apartment buildings in New York City, there are still a few remaining gems that are left as is. There is one mansion remaining and an abandoned smallpox hospital that has been untouched for decades. It provides an eery reminder of some horrible endemics that the city once endured and while closed to the public, you can still walk by it on Roosevelt Island.



6. Look for Tiny Doors

Did you know that there are miniature doors scattered all throughout New York City? An artist known as Cynthia von Buhler took it upon herself to put these charming little doors on some of the most unexpected sites in the city, such as pedestrian crossings and lamp posts. If you find one, you may be lucky enough to get transported to a magical fairytale land—or at least that is what the old legends claim!

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7. See Old England in the City

There is a small part of New York City known as Pomander Walk that will make you feel as if you are in Brittain! You will walk past homes that are full of English countryside cottages and a complete contrast to the looming towers surrounding them.



With so many gems to find in New York City, what will you be on the lookout for first?


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