August 10


JusTalk leak Sparks debate on App Security

JusTalk is a mobile application with over 20 million users, mainly spread across Asia. Using JusTalk, users can access video calls and messaging functions.


JusTalk claims that all contents are encrypted from end-to-end and the only persons able to view the content, are the message sender and receiver. This claim seems to be somewhat unfounded as a recent leak by an encryption expert revealed that the content of several JusTalk conversations were found online and accessible to the public.


JusTalk also provides a child-friendly version of its application, JusTalk Kids, with over one million downloads on the Android platform. Analysts question whether messages sent on this platform, especially between parents and kids, would be vulnerable to infiltration.

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The leaked data revealed the details of calls and messages exchanged over the JusTalk platform with the date and time as well. This is in addition to granular information on the exact location of certain users.


Another JusTalk product, JusTalk 2nd Phone Number also appears to have been accessible to outsiders. JusTalk 2nd Phone Number provides virtual phone numbers so users do not have to always share their private personal numbers with third-parties. This only serves to reaffirm the view that encryption standards across most messaging platforms are subject to intrusion and possible abuse.

Layered Security

Messaging Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and JusTalk have all come to dominate the modern day digital landscape. The attraction to messaging apps stems mainly from the convenience and privacy they offer. Today it is possible to access messaging apps from a variety of devices and platforms including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

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When it comes to messaging apps, the concept of security must be paramount in order to ensure the privacy of conversations. It must be noted that the most effective method to prevent infiltration would be having multiple layers of security.


Recent advances in mobile application development also makes it easy for app developers, builders and creators to defend their products and services from unknown cyber threats.


One of the most common methods to implement a layered security strategy would be to ensure two-factor authentication is in place. This means that on each attempt to log into a messaging app, the user would have to provide access via two separate devices. Most commonly this would be through a smartphone and a desktop computer.

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Two-factor authentication provides almost no room for third parties to access user accounts. However it must be noted that it is the responsibility of the user to manage the integrity of both devices and change their credentials if the devices become compromised at any time.

The Need for Privacy

So why exactly is privacy such a big issue? The notion that an individual’s private conversations remain private, is important for messaging apps to provide if they wish to increase their user base.


As hackers and other cyber terrorists modify their techniques, it is important for mobile app developers such as Elegant Media to match them with stringent safety and security precautions.

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With many competitors present, modern messaging apps have to take proactive steps in making sure all their encryption strategies are in place and fully working.


Such a sense of assured security provides both new and existing users an incentive to download and continue to use the messaging app. Over the last decade, the number of data leaks and system intrusions by hacking, phishing or other means are on the increase. But modern virus guards and multi layered security systems are making it increasingly harder for external parties to cause privacy leaks.


If you think you have the next biggest mobile messaging app idea then the first thing you should do is build a basic but functional app prototype. This will help you to convince investors and partners to back your idea and take it to the next level.

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