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Important skills to possess for becoming an effective teacher 

Teaching is a very noble profession that plays an important role in the growth, and development of students from their toddler times, elementary to higher education.  To impart students with quality education and assure their academic and professional success, teachers need to be effective at their work.

Effective teachers impact the lives of students in many positive and beneficial ways. To meet this purpose, give the best to your profession and make students the best version of themselves by providing them with quality education, one needs to possess and practice the right teaching skills. Let us discuss these teaching skills one by one.

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Skills to possess for becoming an effective teacher

  • Communication skills 

To become an effective teacher, it is important to have good communication skills. Good verbal communication skills help teachers to explain well and provide students with a proper academic understanding. Also, effective listening skills help teachers to interact with students better, attend to and resolve their queries properly.  This helps teachers to teach via an online classroom app as well as traditionally effectively.

  • Problem-solving skills 

In a classroom, students of different behavioral qualities and needs learn together. Facing conflicts, disagreements, and disciplinary issues in a classroom and resolving them demands teachers to have good problem-solving skills. With effective problem-solving skills, teachers can manage the classroom well, and make students more goal specific and learning-centric.

  • Patience
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In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. Not all are equal in terms of learning, and having the right behavioral qualities. With the active performers and disciplined ones, there are also the ones who are less effective at learning and can cause trouble in maintaining discipline in the classes. Being strict and scolding students can affect the conditions more. But when teachers are patient, they deal with students’ issues better, guide them on the right track and encourage them to become better.

  • Time management skills 

The teaching profession brings along a lot of responsibilities and duties to perform. To become an effective teacher teachers need to have proper time management skills. This will help them to properly plan, prioritize, develop lesson plans and complete all the teaching tasks in a timely order. With time management, teachers become more efficient at work.

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How to enhance your teaching skills: tips to follow

  1. Interact with your peer teachers 


The more we interact with the people of our profession, the more knowledge is exchanged and gained. A teacher to enhance teaching skills should surely interact with their fellow teachers. You can ask the teaching strategies they are practicing. Also in an educational institute, there will be teachers who have more experience than you. You can interact with them to discuss, gain more ideas and knowledge. The motivation received will help you to feel confident, trust yourself and keep trying to become better.


  1. Seek feedback from students
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The main duty of every teacher is to provide students with quality education and good academic understanding. To do so, and enhance your teaching skills, teachers must seek feedback from students. Ask them how appropriate they are finding the current teaching practices and what more they need to attain a better understanding.

  1. Watch inspiring videos and join training programs

We all have a role model in our lives who inspires us to develop the same skills, follow the same path and achieve success in life. To enhance your teaching skills, you can watch videos of famous speakers and educators available on the internet. You can attend virtual or real seminars and educational workshops for teachers.

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You can also join training programs. The training branch of CBSE launches teacher training programs. At the CBSE training portal, you can register and become a part of these programs. The main objective of these programs is to enhance the teaching skills and quality of the teachers so that they continue to provide students with a quality education.

  1. Use technology 

Today technology has made everyone more efficient and effective at their work. Using technical aids, all can do their professional work better, quicker, and more accurately. To enhance teaching skills, teachers must use technology. By using audio-visual aids they provide students with a proper academic understanding. Also, teachers can use technical software to manage the teaching duties and classroom responsibilities well.

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To excel in your profession and provide students with quality education, teachers need to possess the right and effective teaching skills. The main ones are communication, active listening, patience, time management, and problem-solving skills. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can enhance their teaching skills and become better at their subject field.

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