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How grooms dress around the world

There are different types of dresses that grooms wear around the globe to celebrate their weddings. Although most take the “modern” route and stick to a suit others try to incorporate their culture as much as they can. So, here are 6 ways that grooms dress at their weddings around the globe.


Well, a tuxedo has got to be the most stylish way to dress up at your wedding. This is why countless people wear tuxedos on their wedding day. Although, most stick to the classic black color – others try their hands on different colors.

Black and white are the classics but recently, some people have been trying out neon and pastel colors for their weddings. Even though it’s a bit tricky to pull off such looks – but those who manage, look absolutely stunning.

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3 piece suit 

A tuxedo is not the most popular choice for men when it comes to a wedding. Although, most men prefer wearing a 3-piece suit on their big day.

The best thing about wearing a 3 piece suit is that you can take the blazer and vest out and get ready for the after-party just in time!

However, most people wear a suit because you don’t have to get it made. A suit can be worn off the rack with a few adjustments.


Apart from the popular choices, there are many cultural outfits that men adorn on their big day. For example, in Japan people wear hakama – a type of kimono for a traditional wedding.

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Just like in Japan, people in ghana wear a bright-colored outfit for their wedding that is made out of a fabric called kente. The pop of color in this fabric makes everything look bright and beautiful.


Although, European people prefer wearing a formal outfit at their wedding. Although, some people really go out of their way to showcase their culture on their big day.

For example, grooms in Scotland wear the kilt of their clan during the day and then follow up with a shawl at night. These traditions are becoming rare with each passing day but it’s beautiful to witness whenever someone tries to add their culture to one of the most important days of their life.

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India and Pakistan have a lot in common – it’s because how they were on the same land before the partition in 1947. This is why most grooms wear a sherwani on their big day. It’s a cultural representation of the subcontinent.

These sherwanis are embellished with stones or embroidered in different colors. And to compliment the bride, people wear a contrast or a similar colored dress. If you follow Instagram regularly – you must have noticed Nick Jonas (a famous American singer) wearing a sherwani on his wedding day. It shows how people who are not even part of the culture are adapting to different cultures on their big days.

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End note

The world is full of diversity. Different countries and regions have different cultural practices. And this reflects in their way of celebrating or mourning. For example, we have a very basic idea of how a groom should dress but when we look at the world – there are countless ways in which people dress for their wedding. Brides do take the centre stage – but even men have a beautiful way of showcasing their culture at their wedding.

If your wedding is coming up, will you go with the modern way or dive deep into your culture ad come up with a cultural dress for yourself? Think about it before you look for save the dates templates and send out your wedding invitations. 

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