July 22


How an Immersive View Can Help You Boost Participation in Your Zoom Meetings

As a team leader, you’re always looking for ways to get your team excited — and a major component of their excitement is participation. How can you encourage your team members to be active contributors rather than passive participants? There are many tips and tricks that may purport to offer the key, but it really just comes down to creating an environment in which your team members are comfortable engaging. This is especially true in the virtual office environment where the separation imposed by screens can make it all the more difficult to engage. You can combat this difficulty, though, by investing in a custom Zoom background. A custom Zoom background will create camaraderie and boost your team morale considerably.

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Creating a Sense of Community

Community is at the core of every successful team. Whether you’re leading a group of engineers who are tacking a software project or you’re managing the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company, you won’t be able to accomplish anything if your team is not a united front. That’s why investing in details like a virtual background Teams can make it easier to create a sense of community and inspire progress. Community isn’t just about seeing your teammates face-to-face — it’s about investing in a shared experience.

There are many other ways to create a sense of community, too, including fun social activities that you can do throughout meetings. If you’re hosting a daily meeting, for example, and looking for ways to get your team members more involved, consider soliciting feedback from them — and whoever offers the best feedback wins a prize. If you want to facilitate some team bonding, you can invite your staff to engage in silly activities, too. Start off your daily meeting with a joke contest, for example — and whoever tells the best joke gets to suggest the next meeting theme.

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Easily Interact With Participants

One of the greatest frustrations that team leaders often complain about in the virtual environment is the challenge of interacting when team members are all located in different places. How can you unite a team of remote workers and inspire them to collaborate? Interacting with your team members is an important component of the job. You need to know how to navigate the challenges of an online setting and find innovative ways to connect. You might be surprised to see how a virtual background with logo simplifies this task.

Indeed, adding a Zoom background to your calls can recreate the feel of the office environment, and this can help encourage the interaction that you need from your team members. There are a myriad of backgrounds to choose from, and you can customize any of them to feature your company logo or any other text. Simply upload the logo and choose the background you like. With a customized background behind you on every call, you can expect your team to respond with enthusiasm. More enthusiasm means more participation, and this will help your team truly thrive.

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