May 19


5 Facts About Snacks For Babies That Will Blow Your Mind

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a parent that can’t agree that snacks are a lifesaver. With so many things to do as a new parent, it’s no surprise that moms and dads need help staying on top of the little details. You can find some great snacks for babies on Having snacks on hand for your kiddos means you can handle anything – from those first weeks of breastfeeding when you’re exclusively pumping, to the constant toddler requests for “just one more bite,” and even trips out in public where meal options might be limited.


  1. They Help Babies Learn


Several studies have shown that offering babies food and allowing them to self-feed can actually help their brain development. The act of picking up and eating finger foods is great for the baby’s fine motor skills, and it also helps them learn about cause and effect.

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  1. They Can Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night


There’s nothing better than getting a good night’s sleep, and offering your baby a nighttime snack could help you get one in return. Babies between 6 and 12 months old who are given a bedtime snack have been found to go on to sleep through the night just weeks after the addition – possibly due to slowed digestion which allows the body to go into deeper sleep cycles sooner.


  1. They Can Help You Stay Baby-Friendly


It’s important that moms and dads always read labels so they can make sure they are feeding their baby the best food possible. By choosing the right type of food, your little one will be more likely to get the essential nutrients they need to grow, and you’ll be able to avoid foods that contain too much sugar (which can cause problems for both you and your kiddo).

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  1. They Can Help You Meet Baby’s Needs for Iron and Calcium


Breastfed babies almost always require additional iron during infancy, as well as additional calcium during babyhood. When choosing snacks for your little one, you’ll want to look for options that have both of these essential nutrients. Options like beans, yogurt and cheese are all good choices that provide calcium and iron.


  1. They’re a Great Way to Introduce New Foods


Introducing new foods can be a trying experience for babies who are picky eaters, but it’s important to do so as soon as you can in order to avoid food allergies from developing later on. Offering them tiny portions at snack time followed by positive reinforcement is a great way to introduce new foods without the risk of it turning into a full-blown food meltdown.

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  1. They Can Help You Control Picky Eating


It’s normal that your baby may be a little more sensitive to certain foods than others, especially when they are first introduced. This can be frustrating for parents at first, but you can use your snacks as a way to help slow down your little one’s culinary development. For example, if they are not a fan of peach schnapps, offer them a small spoonful of the juice and then try again in a few days. Over time, introducing new foods in small amounts will help you avoid food allergies from developing later on.



Snacks are a great way to ensure that your baby gets the essential nutrients they need in order to grow, stay happy and healthy, and grow into an independent toddler. As parents, we can educate ourselves by reading labels to ensure that our little ones are eating a balanced diet, and we can also help them learn and grow their motor skills through self-feeding. Snacks are also a great way to control picky eating habits and get babies introduced to new foods in small doses.

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