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13 things that you should never do while playing on slot machines

In any casino, you’ll find the scourge of compulsive slot machine players: the player who spins the reels for hours. What exactly are these players hoping to win? What keeps them from leaving their chairs?


It turns out there are a number of things that may cause a player to stay on the machine without stopping: they could be gambling with very high stakes, they may have come down with a rare disease that is treatable only with money, or they could simply have too much time on their hands. Whatever the reason, these 13 behaviours should never occur while playing in any casino game like judi online and rtp slot online.

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1) Never shortchange yourself or your bankroll by over-betting.

Increase or reduce your bets only according to the objective of your game. What you’re hoping to get out of the pay table and what you’re getting from the game are two different things.


2) Never play at maximum bet.

If you’re playing for real money, always set your maximum bet based on the casino’s payout schedule. Otherwise, you may end up losing more than you can afford. This is particularly true if a bankroll is at stake, which is often the case with hobby players in craps, roulette and other games where house edge is high.

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3) Never use winnings to prop up losing positions.

If you’re down, don’t bet additional money just because you managed to land on a winner. The odds are not in your favour, so if you do manage to get lucky, the wager should be more than the amount of your winnings.


4) Never play while angry or upset.

Playing when you’re angry or unhappy will only cause you to make horrible decisions and take bad risks that could ruin your bankroll faster than almost anything else could. If a player wants to play upset, he or she should place bets under the table and leave the casino as soon as possible so that they can calm down. This can be a good way to get over a bad streak, but you’ll be going home with a lot less money than you came in with.

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5) Never take another player’s seat without checking the payout schedule in advance.

If you’re standing next to a slot machine and see that the player has just hit some jackpot, the last thing you want to do is sit down at the same machine and risk ruining everything that person has worked so hard for. In this case, it would be wise to remind yourself that gambling is always random no matter how much of an expert or novice your neighbour may seem.


6) Never play while hungry or thirsty.

These are two of the most common excuses we hear from players who want to stay at a slot machine despite knowing the true odds. If you’re hungry or thirsty, putting money on the machine isn’t in your best interest and could result in a disastrous loss. If you must eat or drink, do so before you get to the casino, then take your chances with the pay table once you’re there.

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7) Never play when feeling sentimental about something in your life that’s ending soon.

It can be difficult to avoid feeling some emotion when playing slots, particularly pattern-matching games like video slots where there is no reward for getting all five symbols on a payline. If you’re playing on a machine in which you’re feeling overly sentimental, it’s best to wait until after you’ve won some money or until you’ve had a chance to mentally prepare yourself.


8) Never play while worrying about something that’s not your fault.

This is a common one among players who are frustrated with the way their game isn’t paying out as fast as they’d like. If that’s the case, stop focusing on the fact that there’s nothing wrong with your machine and simply continue betting if you have enough bankroll to handle it.

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9) Never play while they’re crying or yelling at other players as they wait to play their own machines.

This is another reason why you should never play next to craps, roulette or other games that are high-volume. If you’re playing next to a table full of furious players and see a player complaining about his or her machine, it’s best to step away from that slot machine.


10) Never play when feeling sick or dizzy.

Just because you’re feeling fine physically doesn’t mean you should gamble. Even if the odds are in your favour, if you simply don’t feel well, it’s best to avoid playing slots at all until your symptoms pass.

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11) Never play on the same machine for too long.

It’s best to get in and out of the casino quickly to avoid over-betting or making bad decisions when playing slots. It’s also a good idea to get a break from time to time if you’re practising for an actual casino tournament, such as a live cash game; players who don’t take breaks will eventually lose their edge as they become accustomed to repetitive wagering patterns over long periods of time.


12) Never be worse than an average player when playing slots.

When it comes down to it, winning money on slots is almost entirely luck, so you should never try to beat the house by being better than average at the game. If you’re out at an actual casino and see someone winning big, don’t let yourself get carried away. The house is always looking for ways to make their players worse off than average, and if you’re winning big, the casino will have to make adjustments to keep from losing money.

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13) Never play slots when feeling bad about something in your own life; this includes loss of love or money in the stock market.

If a player is feeling angry or depressed over something that’s happened recently, they should probably stay at home before they hit the casino floor. As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s best to avoid playing while feeling sentimental about things ending soon.


These are all of the rules that should be followed when playing slots, but there are additional steps that you should take in order to avoid getting too discouraged or messing things up for yourself. It’s good to recognize when things are going well and when they’re not, which is where the following rules come in.

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